• Transportation Management Systems (TMS) – TTYS
  • Archive Software
  • HAL Software
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Simulation Software
  • EGM (Police Headquarters) and TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) Field Applications with Mobile Devices and Software
  • Mobile Authentication
  • Mobile Biometrics
  • Mobile Payments
  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Applications

Special institutional software to number of public organizations such as IETT, Presidency of Religious Affairs Office of Mufti Ottoman Archives, İstanbul and Ankara Fruit and Vegetable Market Hall

TTYS software which provides planning and management for the whole transport organization of a city based on driver, vehicle, time, line with Public Transportation Management System

Simulation software that requires many “event based simulation” in fields such as factory automation, production optimization, logistics, storage and stockpiling, distribution channels

The realization of field operations of civil and military security institutions; the authentication with smart phone on mobile banking applications with mobile devices and software; M2M application enablement platform services; M2M application development

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