vb i-match ABC
vb i-match ABC
Automated Border Control eGate
Creating a seamless border crossing experience for travelers

vb i-match ABC is a multimodal eGate supporting iris, facial and fingerprint recognition. It enables different validations and checks according to a traveler’s profile, providing a self-service process, lowering waiting times, minimizing intervention from authorities and raising the appeal of using the airport.

Audited “off-the-shelf” solution

Over 800 units installed around the world!


  • Passenger Identification

Multimodal biometric checks and matching including face, fingerprint and iris recognition
Optional verification of passport, identity documents (MRZ, VIS, 1D, 2D Barcode, RFID, NFC-ready chip readers), paper and digital boarding passes

  • Improved Border Security

Facial, fingerprint and iris recognition, as well as intelligent video surveillance and tailgating/left-luggage detection
ICAO and NIST-compliant biometric capture and verification
Background checks
Data integration with third-party legacy platforms
Alarms, sensors and assistance button
High accuracy and reliability

  • Enhanced Passenger Experience

One-step identification and clearance of passengers
User-friendly and ergonomic
Premium tailor-made construction, seamlessly blending with the airport and airline environment

  • Flexibility and Modularity

CUTE/CUPPS enabled
Audited “off-the-shelf”

  • Efficient and effective integrated monitoring and control platform

Shared across all stakeholders, anticipating all touch interactions and passenger checks
Real time monitoring and control of automatic passenger clearance
Risk-assessment-based approach
Passenger Processing & Flow Management
Passenger Workflow & Business Rules Configuration
Performance Monitoring, Reporting & Auditing