vb e-pass Kiosk
vb e-pass Kiosk
Live biometric enrollment kiosk

The vb e-pass® kiosk is an integrated self-service enrollment station designed to capture biographic and biometric data (face/iris, fingerprint and digital signature) necessary for ID documents, visas and other electronic documents. The kiosk is an ergonomic and robust secure solution built for intensive use. The quality of the captured data reduces errors usually caused by manual procedures.


  • Enhanced enrollment process

Improved waiting and processing times
Rapid on-site process in less than 30 sec/person
Fully automated data processing (enrollment, data transfer, authentication)

  • Top quality biographic and biometric update

Face, iris, fingerprint and signature capture
Reduced biometric data inconsistency (pose, face expression, and others)
Automatic face tracking camera adjustment for perfect face image capture
Proactive adaptation to ambient lighting
Automatic picture quality assessment (ISO/ICAO quality guidelines)
Quality report for each of biometric modalities enrolled (finger, face, iris, signature)

  • User-centric design and interfaces

Automatic height and lighting adjustment
Ergonomic, robust and secure
Minimal resistance to technology adoption
Touchscreen interface with animations for the citizen and the registration personnel