Smart Cards
Smart Cards
ÖLÇSAN provides turn-key solutions of smart card technologies, including many applications such as physical and logical access, authorization and identification, loyalty, payment, transportation and data management.
  • Identity and Security (Cards, Data security, PKI, Logon, biometrics, SM, Access Control …)
  • Banking applications (EMV, card, reader, personalization, SCMS, production and printing …)
  • Telecommunications (cards, applications, NFC, Billing …)
  • Loyalty, e-wallet, pre-paid and campus applications
  • Public transport and e-Ticket applications (AFC, Cards, validators, terminals, turnstiles, parking meters, vending machines …)

Starting from the production process of contact and contactless smart card, software,   hardware and turn-key national solutions are produced from personalization and applications which will be used later.

*Personalization Software, Smart Card Management System, Production of Smart Card Reader…