Unified Access – WSA Series
Unified Access – WSA Series

Celestix is committed to continue servicing the market for Microsoft UAG 2010 until 2023, allowing existing customers to continue depending on the product with peace of mind. It also enables new customers to depend on UAG without any concern about the lifecycle of the product.Organizations of all sizes rely on UAG 2010 to deliver comprehensive, secure remote access to corporate resources for employees, partners and vendors on managed and unmanaged PCs and mobile devices. UAG strength lies in its reverse proxy and application based SSL VPN comprehensive functionality combined with its relative simplicity of utilizing a combination connectivity options ranging from SSL VPN to DirectAccess. The technology is widely deployed in the market and is a trusted component of many thousands of networks worldwide.

Providing network services to remote users is a challenge. Different classes of remote users have differing needs and will have different levels of authority to view sensitive data. Users may also utilize multiple endpoints when accessing corporate resources and these may have varying levels of security, making the threat of infection and security breach extremely high.  Unsecured remote access can disclose sensitive information and if left unchecked, infected endpoints can be vectors for cybercrime.


Celestix WSA appliances deliver Microsoft’s Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010 (UAG) to provide policy based, granular and secure anywhere access to corporate resources. WSA supports multiple connectivity options including SSL VPN, DirectAccess, SSTP and RDP, allowing organizations to publish a broad range of applications and resources and providing users with granular levels of access in line with their level of trust.

UAG’s ability to interrogate the endpoint and determine levels of health and trust prevents endpoints that don’t comply with corporate health and security standards from connecting to the network. Further, UAG lets administrators expose only the applications, or parts of applications, to only the users or user classes they wish to authorize. For instance a trusted user logging in from an endpoint that does not fully comply with corporate policy may just be allowed read-only access to email or limited access to sites or zones within a SharePoint site.

Sessions through the WSA are encrypted, preventing unauthorized access to any sensitive information left on intermediate servers, while session wipers remove data from endpoints when a sessions ends.

The WSA appliance range is the award winning, market-leading deployment platform for Microsoft UAG 2010. WSA appliances are built for rapid deployment, simplified management and high performance. The COMET software engine provides an intuitive and feature rich web UI that allows for advanced configuration for both UAG and the appliance.

WSA powered by Microsoft UAG, secure remote access from Celestix business anywhere solutions.