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Turning Technologies

eInstruction by Turning Technologies EdTech solutions include assessment software, clicker systems, response apps and interactive whiteboards to create memorable educational experiences.

Coupled with sound pedagogical theories, the products are proven to enhance effective instruction, which will impact all elements of learning, from student confidence to test scores.

Driven by instructional goals, eInstruction by Turning Technologies offers complete, turnkey solutions to meet individual needs. The products adapt to all surroundings, regardless of current infrastructure or resources available.

Achieve your collaborative classroom vision with solutions that pave the way for academic change.

Touch Board Plus 

  • Participants can work at the board for a hands-on, collaborative learning approach.
  • The pen-and finger system gives participants multiple ways to solve problems, write sentences or draw pictures for more engaging, interactive learning experiences.
  • The Touch Board Plus is designed to be stationary or mobile.


  • The DualBoard allows two people or teams to simultaneously work through lesson content.
  • When used with WorkSpace users can draw, highlight, insert images and annotate over instructional content.
  • The DualBoard’s high-resolution technology provides industry leading accuracy in writing, diagramming and lesson delivery.

Mobi View

  • The Mobi View is equipped with the capabilities of a fixed interactive whiteboard, plus the freedom of full mobility and complete lesson control with its one-of-a-kind touch screen
  • Deliver and control content from anywhere in the room, whilst writing and recording private or public notes on the unique 4.3” colour LCD screen.
  • The Mobi View has the capability to launch applications or lessons without ever having to go back to your computer.
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