Reliable Protection against Counterfeiting for Documents

Government authorities and private-sector service providers and organizations use stamps and signatures for legal validation and marking of documents. However, documents provided with conventional stamps and signatures are relatively easy to forge. These imitations are difficult to recognize by laypersons and official inspectors.

Transfer seals may be used to replace conventional stamps or to protect signatures. They serve to validate and legally mark documents (authentication, certification) and additionally facilitate the prosecution of criminal acts of damaging, detaching or defacing official seals (Breach of Seal according to Section 136, German Criminal Code). Due to their special composition and integrated security elements they offer additional counterfeiting protection and proof-of- authenticity for official forms and other documents. The transfer reliability and transferability of the intact seal, its protection against counterfeiting and verifiability, as well as the seal’s resistance to loads occurring in normal use, are periodically tested by an independent testing institute.

Examples of application

  • Utilization on vehicle papers and vehicle registration documents according to the German Road Traffic Registration Ordinance (StVZO) 
  • Proof on automobile and motorcycle exhaust emission test reports according to legal requirements 
  • Certification and validation of testimonials and contracts


  • Replacement of conventional stamp variants with a counterfeit-proof and user-friendly security seal
  • Customized protection against counterfeiting and recognition of authenticity due to integrated invisible features (e.g. color-shifting ink and reversible thermochromatic inks) and features invisible in normal lighting conditions (e.g. UV fluorescent inks invisible in daylight or machinereadable LaserSecure pigments) 
  • Very easy manual application and precise positioning on the document or signature to be protected using a
    transparent transfer film
  • Transfer film serves as an end tab or documentation label, depending on the application
  • Numbering and/or integrated check numbers can be used for documenting the quantities issued, tracking the utilization of the seal and for perpetual inventory.


The transfer seals are delivered on rolls packaged in handy,environmentally friendly cardboard dispensers or on sheets supplied in customary envelopes, depending on the user’s working environment. 

Information applied to the packaged seals either in humanreadable form or as a 2D code enables system-supported issuing of the packaging units. The seals issued can be documented either with reference to personal recipients or other criteria based on the seal-integrated numbering system.

The issuing organization applies the end tab as a documentation label to a form and the operator scans the 2D code that is integrated in this label into his/her ERP/management system using a handheld scanner, as needed. 

The authenticity of the document is verified based on the integrated anti-counterfeiting features during routine checks by law enforcement agencies such as local or national police and criminal investigation departments.