Public Transportation Management System
Public Transportation Management System

Public Transportation Management System (PTMS) is the system performing the organization of all public transportation vehicles in a city according to the requests and needs by ensuring time labour and cost savings.

It is;

  • Accurate
  • Fast
  • Economical
  • Sustainable
  • Flexible and upgradable

With PTMS the following tasks can be performed;

  • Planning of a route in any section of the city, its operating frequency and time schedule and the personnel on duty on the vehicle at the selected time,
  • Monitoring maintenance, repair periods and levels of vehicles,
  • Stock control of all kinds of materials being used,
  • Receiving reports such as consumed fuel, travelled distance, number of passengers being transported and costs, accident and breakdown periods, that would make contribution to the decision support system,
  • Making transportation plans more functional as a result of assessment of incoming passenger demands,
  • Integration with the existing passenger information systems.

And hence;

  • less human resources being utilized in the corporations,
  • Transportation planning can be made sensitive to shorter time periods and adaptable much quicker,
  • Efficiency can be increased through planning maintenance and repair of vehicles,
  • resource optimization can be achieved as the officials of the corporation see the “big picture” .