• Biometrics Types and Algorithms

Biometry: It is derived from the words “bio” (life) and “metron” (measurement). It is a science for measuring analyzing biological data statistically. Biometry examines physical characteristics and behaviors that help us distinguish people.

We may divide into two in general: Physiological and Behavioral

Physiological: Finger, Retina, DNA, Vein, Face, Hand, Voice, Iris, etc.

Behavioral: Signature, Face, Keystroke; Speech, etc.

  • Smart Cards and Terminals
  • Embedded Systems
  • IoT
  • M2M
  • Mobile Applications
  • User Interfaces
  • Application Platforms and Frameworks
  • Digital Security and Safety
  • Next Generation Communication Technology
  • Cyber Security Management

All studies and precautions towards the identification of all unauthorized use activities and potential attacks against organizations in electronic environments are called Cyber Security solution. The scope of Cyber Security requires examining of all public and private organizations’ electronic information to identify attacks against them. Similarly, it entails searching for the possibility of an attack on a national level with data transfer from all the units to the center

  • Deep Packet Analysis
  • Attack Detection and Prevention

These are network monitoring systems used to identify potential attacks against servers and systems which have access to the Internet. It allows for identification prevention of problems in the flowing traffic according to attack signatures on the system. Attack identification and prevention products can be used in a network- or server-based fashion.

  • Cyber Intelligence

What’s happening in the Internet world?

What do hackers plan against you?

Where are your name, brands, access information are published?

Monitoring real-time traffic is not sufficient to prevent threats that could originate from the Internet. One needs to use the solutions created to foresee potential attacks in the cyber intelligence area to take the highest level of security measures.

  • Network Security Solutions
  • Log Management and Correlation

The most significant stage in information security is the analysis of records. One needs to keep records on all the systems as well running an analysis to understand what goes on regarding the security. Security Information and Event Management – SIEM solutions associate data collected through smart mechanisms and enable you to receive signals for potential problems, threats, and attack plans.

  • Integrated Network Firewall

UTM: Unified Threat Management systems. Briefly, it is a Firewall technology that can employ multiple security methods. They are hardware- or software-based solutions featuring Firewall, URL, Filtering, Attack Identification/Prevention System (IDS/IPS), AntiSpam and Anti Virus mechanisms.

  • Dynamic Password Solution
  • Digital Signature Infrastructure
  • Control of Security Vulnerability

The protocol to identify security vulnerabilities in the systems is a test performed on the operating system and application level. The objective is to identify and remove security vulnerabilities in the system before an attack takes place or eliminate such vulnerabilities with a different security measure if it cannot be prevented.

  • Cyber Threats Detection

These are systems developed to perceive the threats originating from the Internet and capable of processing hackers’ IP- and domain-based information in the database. They can also take feature-specific measures by detecting new threats in the Internet world as well as perceive threats by processing the incoming data to detect customized attacks.

  • Abnormality Detection

It is an application and service that identify movements which do not fit the normal traffic flow on the system or collected logs with the potential to cause an attack. The objective here is to identify the connections likely to cause an attack and generate an alarm to stop such attacks before they occur.