Smartdec is an autonomous situational awareness platform for surveillance in remote areas

Small, wireless, and easily camouflaged detectors that are equipped with a HD camera and long-lasting batteries. Cameras are linked to motion sensors that relay visual confirmation (semi-motion video) in a matter of seconds. The cameras are programmed to only recognize human and vehicular infiltrations. Nuisance alarms have been virtually eliminated. Smartdec is up and running in 2 minutes and operational up to 400 days with one battery charge cycle. The system gives the ability to quickly detect and assess threats and to effectively utilize resources.

Defendec’s proprietary wireless sensor networking protocol makes Smartdec the longest lasting and most reliable perimeter intrusion detection system on the market. The system is almost maintenance free, it does not require additional infrastructure investment, and it offers secure communications.


  • Force multiplier,
  • 24/7 surveillance,
  • Low maintenance costs,
  • Easy to install and relocate,
  • Well hidden,
  • No investments to infrastructure or maintenance,
  • Up and running in 2 minutes,
  • No false/nuisance alarms
  • Scalable, customizable


  • monitors a specified area,
  • detects intruders,
  • analyzes data, and
  • provides visual confirmation (semi-motion video) in a matter of seconds.

Smartdec is a cost-effective and energy-efficient perimeter intrusion detection system that is used daily to thwart global threats of terrorism, narcotics smuggling, and human trafficking making it the technology of choice of border guards around the world.

Smartdec guard monitoring system can be used temporarily in tactical situations or for permanent monitoring of hard-to-access, remote areas.