ÖLÇSAN, with its visionary viewpoint, solution oriented and unique approach in its selected expertise areas, as well as with 46+ years of experience, is a solution provider and system integrator for primarily following fields: physical and virtual security, biometrics, smart cards, smart cities and mobile solutions.

With its expertise gained through R&D practice since its inception, broad vision and expert staff, it delivers turnkey solutions and applications to private and public sectors such as finance, telecommunications, transportation, health, energy and defense, as well as consulting services.  With its global partners who are leaders in their respective fields, Ölçsan represents quality and provides value to the IT sector with best of breed solutions for over 46 years.

Government:  National ID, e-Passport, Driver License, Car  Registration Cards, Residence Permits and Immigrant ID, Digital Tachograph, Social   Insurance and National Health,  e-Government Portal, Management Information System, Archiving System, Time and Attendance , Mobile System, RFID Systems, Logical Access, Airport/Seaport/Prison/Tunnel/Railroad/Pipeline Security, Cyber Security, City Surveillance, Traffic Control  &Management

Defence: Border Control, Maritime and Costal Surveillance, Simulation & Simulators, Autonomous Systems (UAV), Critical ınfrastructure

Health: Health & Hospital Information System,

Education: LMS & Live Interactive Learning, Interactive White Board, Educational Portal, Campus Solutions

Banking & Finance: EMV cards & terminal Systems, Biometric Systems

Telecommunication: SIM cards, NFC, Billing System, VAS platforms, Mobile Biometrics

Corporate: Logical Access, Time and Attendance, Enterprise Portal, Enterprise Content Management, Management Information System, Business Intelligence, Decision Support System, RF-ID, Loyalty

Mass Transport : e-ticketing Applications, Transportation Management information System, Bus Information System, Highway Supervision and Safety, Intersection Management

Automotive: Vehicle Cybersecurity, ADAS/Car Automation, Driver Safety, Sensor Hardware