Maximum Protection for PIN Mailers

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is the most frequently used system for access and identification control. However, PINs can only provide protection from unauthorized access if the issuer ensures that the PIN has not been compromised on its way to the legitimate user. For security reasons, the PIN is typically mailed to the customer, separately from the card and other account access data. Therefore, PIN mailers require PIN covers that combine maximum tampering protection with easy handling.

Product Description
PIN Safe fully meets the requirements for secure mailing of PINs on letters or forms. PIN Safe seals the PIN in a tamper-proof manner between two security labels. First, a neutral, opaque base label is applied to the stationery by a dispensing system. After variable printing of the PIN using inkjet or laser printers, the PIN Safe label is applied on top of the PIN and thus securely covers the code. The recipient of the PIN mailer exposes the PIN by simply scratching off a holographic protective layer.

Flexible Design
The PIN Safe label can be designed according to the customer’s specifications of size and colors. The central scratch field contains a holographic image. Both standard and customized designs are available. The colored label film has an integrated partial peel-off effect. This Void-effect appears only in case of tampering and enables even laypersons to immediately recognize a counterfeiting or tampering attempt.

Tested Security
Extensive tests by independent institutes like FOGRA and PIRA have confirmed that when using PIN Safe there is no optical, chemical or physical process enabling undetected illegal inspection of the PIN. PIRA tested the PIN Safe label according to APACS Standard 72 and awarded a class 4 rating, the highest awardable security level.

Typical Uses
PIN Safe labels offer maximum security for PINs sent to users on letters or forms. The label is applied on top of the printed code by a dispenser and protects the PIN until it reaches the intended recipient. PIN Safe can be used on normal stationery. The base label, PIN printing and top label can be applied a minimal effort, for instance on a personalization system from Otto Künnecke GmbH. The legitimate user can then expose the PIN simply by scratching off the label using a fingernail or coin.

Product Benefits

  • Reliable protection against tampering and counterfeiting
  • Customizable Void-lettering (in terms of design and colors)
  • Absolutely opaque barrier layer (scratch field)
  • Economical mailer packaging due to use of normal paper and fast processing on all standard dispensing systems