Odak Meet
Odak Meet

ODAK Meet enables you to create and conduct secure online video confences. ODAK Meet, which can be used by everyone, is suitable for use in different regions with its interface in different languages.

Meetings with ODAK Meet, which complies with confidentiality rules, are held safely and without any problems in today’s world where remote work is widespread.

In your video conferences held with ODAK Meet, you can take your meeting notes with the instant messaging option. In addition, those who wish from the participants in the conference can share files or make the meeting more active by sharing files mutually.

ODAK Meet not only ensures quality of sound, video and file sharing, but also ensures secure meetings by complying with privacy rules.

The platform, which filters the participants with password application and lobby applications, also allows the process to be managed by the moderator. The moderator also has the ability to manage the voices in the conference. This prevents different voices and background sounds from interfering with eace other and creating noise during the meeting. The meetings, which can be recorded during the conference, can be shared from YouTube accounts after the meeting, if desired. At the same time, with the start of the conference, the meeting can be broadcast live on the YouTube channel.


It provides safe and fluid meeting with the team even if you are in different regions.

  • Complies with privacy rules.
  • With the lobby feature, attendance to the meeting can also be controlled in terms of timing.
  • The meeting invitation can be forwarded via different programs by shortcut.
  • With the feature of adding password to meetings, the level of privacy is increased.
  • It has the feature of recording meetings.
  • The meeting can be broadcast live from Youtube accounts or broadcast from Youtube accounts at the end of the meeting.
  • It has multiple conference features.
  • It covers multi-platform voice, video conferencing and instant messaging applications.
  • It has the ability to generate and use secure keys on the basis of institutions, rooms and meetings.
  • There is almost no delay in audio and video transmissio


  • Easy setup
  • Quality sharing in audio and video
  • MFA, Strong Authentiation
  • User-friendly WEB-based Graphic Interface, Modern Design