MorphoTablet™ is a secure multifunction biometric tablet for the delivery of trusted services and 2014 winner of both the ID Award and the SESAME IT Security award.

Using biometrics (fingerprint & facial recognition) and cryptographic functions, MorphoTablet™ guarantees secure mobile data operations, including mobile ID controls as required at a facility entrance gate and within a facility’s premises.

MorphoTablet™ delivers a unique combination of capabilities in one solution.

  • Strong authentication: fingerprint and face recognition (“What I am”), smartcards (“What I have”) and passwords (“What I know”)
  • Encryption functions: embedded crypto-processor protects sensitive data, file system, communication channels
  • SAM card reader: secondary secure element acts as “integrated safe” for digital certificates, cryptographic keys
  • Secure device management: fully compatible with Android antivirus and Fleet Management solutions
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3G or Wi-Fi enables immediate data exchange, live online verification.
  • Android SDK enables customized, simple, easy to use GUI and application workflow

MorphoTablet™ supports Know Your Customer (KYC) processes to validate identity for any type of registration and identity verification.

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