Through an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, Morpho Video Investigator reviews and analyzes large quantities of raw video data. It then automatically provides insights by identifying points of interest throughout video recordings.

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies accumulate video content from a multitude of sources. While enormously valuable information can be found in videos, the volume of data makes extraction of this information time-consuming and labor intensive.

Morpho Video Investigator is an advanced video analytic software solution to automate video processing, providing both intelligence and various tools for investigators.

It leads unequivocally to time savings and efficient resource allocation for investigating authorities



Morpho Video Investigator has unprecedented reach in its applications for law enforcement and intelligence communities.

  • Technology: Automatically detects, tracks and classifies timestamps from raw video footage (movements, portraits, person, license plates, etc.)
  • Intelligence: Produces easy-to-review reports
  • Efficiency: Drastically reduces investigators’ time reviewing video recordings by processing large volumes of video metadata
  • Flexibility: Features compatibility with a wide range of video sources

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