Morpho Argus
Morpho Argus

Morpho Argus is a real-time video screening system, processing faces captured within live or pre-recorded video welcomes new members!

Facial recognition: a valuable tool for investigators

Detect and identify faces in few seconds into a video stream can be extremely useful in many fields of application, particularly during police investigations. Benefiting from Morpho’s latest generation of facial matching algorithms, a high performance solution is proposed.





Morpho Argus supports two workflows:

  • search captured faces against predefined face watchlists. When a match is found, an alarm is generated. It can be sent to the security staff in the field for immediate action, or to another system, or it can be reviewed by an operator in side by side view.
  • create an online database that can be used to determine where someone has been, and when. If a person has to be located, his/her portrait is compared to the online database, and a list of candidates is presented to an operator for review.

These workflows are not exclusive, i.e. Morpho Argus can support both of them simultaneously in the same video feed.

Morpho Argus can analyze simultaneously videos from multiple IP cameras on a network. It uses a centralized matcher and database to perform facial comparisons and storage. It can handle multiple watchlists and includes dedicated software to fill and globally manage them.


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