Take Interactive Instruction Mobile

Transform everyday material into a unique, interactive learning experience. Mobi View is the first-of-its kind mobile interactive whiteboard featuring an organized touch screen that provides presenters the ability to deliver and control content from anywhere in the room. Instantly launch instruction, annotate material and analyze real-time assessment data without being tethered to a computer.


Unlimited Mobility with a Touch

A compelling course is just a touch away. Simply launch any program, website, file or other instructional material on the unique 4.3” color LCD screen without the use of a computer. Write and record private or public notes and gain immediate feedback on assessment data to gauge learner perception. Touch screen allows you to store favorite resources, use keyboard functionality and view reports down to the individual learner.


Interactive Tools

Award-winning WorkSpace software powers the Mobi View, allowing instructors to choose from more than 60 easy-to use annotation tools to deliver content, focus on specific lesson points and highlight critical information. Convert handwritten text, numbers, shapes and equations into printed content, making material more readable for participants.

Collaborate and Participate with Mobi Learners

Create a learning environment that promotes learner success and drive better understanding. Mobi Learners allows up to nine participants to interact and contribute to the same lesson at one time without ever having to leave the seat. Respond to instruction to help foster greater interaction and cooperative learning. Combine Mobi Learners with WorkSpace software to increase participation. Allow learners the opportunity to annotate over content and display work for everyone to view from anywhere in the room.


  • RF Receiver Kit

Create and present interactive lessons from a unique point of view. The RF Receiver Kit (sold separately) allows instructors the ability to access and control all the functionality of the Mobi from a desktop computer or laptop. MultiHub and RFCOM receivers are included in the kit and simply plug into the computer and Mobi respectively.