K!M pozitif KD1000-FP Desktop
K!M pozitif KD1000-FP Desktop

General Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • All-in-one solution: superior performance for Enrollment, Verification and Identification
  • FBI PIV IQS certification and fake finger detection
  • FIPS 201 and MINEX compliant
  • Extensive security features, including encryption and digital signature
  • Access to PC and Applications with biometrics data
  • Authentication on PC and devices

Technical Specifications

While most fingerprint terminals on the market are only capable of producing fingerprint images, the K!M FP Series devices are also capable of processing them internally, running powerful algorithms directly on their embedded processor.

  • Image Compression using WSQ algorithm from FBI/NIST
  • Biometric Feature Extraction to generate templates.

Feature Extractor is MINEX/FIPS 201 compliant.

Proprietary, ISO 19794-2 or ANSI 378 template formats available

Templates can be stored in the internal database (up to 10 000 templates)

  • Biometric Matching: Matcher is MINEX/FIPS 201 compliant

1:1 authentication or 1:N identification (up to N = 5.000 users)

High accuracy: the false acceptance rate (FAR) is configurable down to 10-8 (depending on the security requirements) and maintained regardless of number of users in database.

Fast matching

  • K!M FP, Capability of addressing juvenile fingers
  • K!M FP, An anti-latency feature detects fingerprint traces reactivated under certain lighting conditions

When sensitive data (image or template) needs to be shared with a Host System, the K!M FP Series devices are capable of securing them before dispatching.

  • Multiple security principles available:

Symmetric and asymmetric keys, Key derivation, Hashing algorithm, Random number generator, etc.

  • Image and Template Encryption for the sake of confidentiality
  • Template Signature (X9.84 standard) to guarantee the origin and the integrity of the data sent to the Host System.
  • The communication channel between device and Host/Distant System can be protected using either Secure Tunneling or Offered Security mode.

Enhanced Image Quality

These precision designed, top of the range devices produce a fingerprint image that is certified PIV IQS by the FBI.The reference standard in terms of single fingerprint image quality (equivalent to ISO 19794-4:2011 Annexure B) was defined to ensure interoperability between multiple solutions.

Fake Finger Detection

These top of the range products detect a large panel of counterfeit fingerprint, including but not limited to those made with latex, gelatin, Plasticine, Kapton, transparent film, silicone, rubber, Play-Doh, graphite or paper.

K!M KD1300 – FP /S

  • 1:1 authentication or 1:N identification
  • Up to 500 useres matching (1:N)
  • Upgradable with licence (up to N = 5000 user
  • Secured special spiral cable (S-Safe Model)

Physical Properties

L x W x H : 68 x 123 x 39mm

Weight: 350 gr

  • Operating Conditions:

-10°C to 50°C / 10% to 80% RH

10% to 80% RH

IP 65 rated sensing area (sealed against dust and liquids)

Resistance to electro-static discharges, scratches and shocks

  • Standard Interfaces:


  • PC Software Applications:

K!M Registration and Verification Software K!M Custom SDK and Support Package

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