The passenger’s favorite airport journey: 100% self-service!

Revolutionizing the airport ecosystem using biometrics at every touch point.

Considered the top airport innovation of 2015 by Airport Business Webzine, Happy Flow is Vision-Box®‘s groundbreaking approach to combining integrated airport management and a top-flight passenger experience. For the first time a passenger is able to cross an airport without interacting with authorities or showing a passport or boarding pass at all stages. Happy Flow™ is the first 100% self-service passenger flow system based on passenger-centric touch-points, identifying passengers via face biometrics across the entire journey.


How does it work for the passenger?

After checking in at a “Happy Airport”, passengers won’t be asked to present their passport or travel document to claim their identity and eligibility until take-off. Happy Flow empowers passengers to go through self-baggage drop, security checkpoint, immigration and even boarding, using user-centric touch points, designed to speed up processes and offer a hassle-free journey. No stress, no lines, no burdensome immigration processes, a peaceful boarding, and a memorable happy journey!



Enhanced passenger management

Happy Flow allows airports to manage passenger data intelligently by analyzing the passenger journey across all touch points and drawing conclusions on behaviors and trends to extract essential data and make informed decisions regarding airport operations. Managers can use this data to follow proactive approaches to passenger flow, staff allocations, improving predictive models, anticipate flight delays, passenger traffic peaks and congestions. Happy Flow unlocks a whole world of happy possibilities to leverage data and create better efficiency, heightening the passenger experience and ultimately generating more revenue!




Highest security levels

Our automated self-service enrollment and verification solutions are replacing error-prone traditional manual procedures with a solution based on state-of-the-art identification and verification technology, which enables a quick identification of fraud and potentially high risk passengers. Integrated with robust hardware, an efficient and effective control platform makes it possible for airports to better manage traffic and access to security areas, as well as identity potential threats.

Built upon the Privacy-by-Design principle, the solution ensures responsible data sharing across all airport stakeholders and a cross-match of information and critical data with other sources from national and international security organizations.



Maximized non-aviation revenue

Automated processes have the potential to reduce operational costs and maximize the value of the existing physical infrastructure by reducing lines, waiting times and anxiety. This, in turn, will lead passengers to spend more time shopping and enjoying the airport retail areas, potentially turning airports into super malls, attracting valued retailers and increasing mixed use land values, thus creating greater opportunities for increased non-flight revenue.

Happy Flow is becoming a well-known passenger experience brand in the airport world. Named a #1 airport innovation of 2015 by Airport Business Magazine, it offers speedy, passenger-centric, on-the-move interactions and a straightforward, happy ground journey on the cutting edge of technology. Passengers notice the difference!