ÖLÇSAN presents IDEMIA’s MorphoWave Compact product for hygienic and controlled transitions.
ÖLÇSAN presents IDEMIA’s MorphoWave Compact product for hygienic and controlled transitions.

In the day when the World Health Organization has declared a pandemic, the importance of social distance and hygiene is increasing at control crossing points. Although people who continue their work life from home can continue their lives with #stayhome, hygiene is still a preventive factor for those who continue their work life in their workplaces.


ÖLÇSAN recommends MorphoWave Compact product as an identification system, which can prevent infectious diseases in palm or fingerprint identification in controlled transition points, biometric systems. MorphoWave Compact product, which allows contactless transition to protect the health of both employees and visitors and to maintain hygiene, is preferred by sensitive institutions in biometric identification systems.


MorphoWave Compact shows your four fingers in 3D for maximum accuracy, once your hand passes over the sensor. This ergonomic touch solution offers a unique combination of safety, comfort and efficiency. MorphoWave Compact, despite covering a small area for different products, quickly identifies and authenticates the person. Thus, people do not wait for identification and do not waste time. Especially in the waiting process, people can maintain their social distance with each other, while they can also be protected from diseases that are at risk of contamination. In addition, since the recognition processes such as card-password-fingerprint are not passed, the person performs biometric authentication without touching the surfaces. Since contactless transition is provided, the person can maintain the hygiene environment. Thanks to this solution, institutions now prefer this product for contactless and hygienic transition with a simple hand wave in different usage areas.