’’I don’t know who is in and out of my office. Is there somebody unknown?’’ We know; KIMO.

KIMO (Access Control System and TA) ensures the security of all entry and exit into your corporation. All personnel
and visitor accesses are in real-time saved and managed. It supports card printing, biometric registration and
management, secure communication and many security features.

KIMO T&A module is used to track and monitor when employees start and stop work. System enables an employer to
monitor their employees working hours and late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism. It
also helps to control labor costs by reducing over-payments, which are often caused by paying employees for time
that are not working, and eliminates transcription error, interpretation error and intentional error.

✓ Independent from Access Control and Biometrics Reader manufacturers
✓ WEB based (GUI), WEB client and Mobile Apps.
✓ Login with biometrics system and/or smart card, Verification with biometrics devices and Management
✓ Full LDAP support, Reporting, Multilanguage support …
✓ ID and Badge Management
✓ Visitor Monitoring & Management, Canteen / Embezzlement / Course Management
✓ Security Policy Server, AES 256 bit SSL connection and LOG System
✓ Display access granted user photo at each door level via ‘’online monitoring’’
✓ Integrated IP camera support; Cardholder Frame & Video detailed Verification
✓ Number Plate Recognition, Integrated UHF tags and readers
✓ CCTV and Perimeter Security System support




  • Access control
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Time & Attendance
  • Vector graphics maps
  • Animated event display
  • Automatic database maintenance
  • Integrated with major device manufacturers
  • Unlimited PC workstations
  • Mobile device support
  • E-mail and SMS support


  • Wide range of hardware support
  • User friendly WEB based Graphic
    Interface, Modern Design
  • Mobile phone and tablet support
  • Online and offline support
  • Fast and efficient training program
  • Cloud support
  • Easy integration with 3rd party products
    including hardware and software modules
  • Technical support / ticketing system


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