’’I don’t know who is in and out of my office. Is there somebody unknown?’’ We know; KIMO.

KIMO ensures Access Control Security, Time & Attendance of your employees, all accesses in your corporation are in real-time saved and managed.

Access with the world’s leading smart card and biometric technologies.

✓ Independent from Access Control and Biometrics Reader manufacturers
✓ WEB based (GUI), WEB client and Mobile Apps.
✓ Login with biometrics system and/or smart card, Verification with biometrics devices and Management
✓ Full LDAP support, Reporting, Multilanguage support …
✓ ID and Badge Management
✓ Visitor Monitoring & Management, Canteen / Embezzlement / Course Management
✓ Security Policy Server, AES 256 bit SSL connection and LOG System
✓ Display access granted user photo at each door level via ‘’online monitoring’’
✓ Integrated IP camera support; Cardholder Frame & Video detailed Verification
✓ Number Plate Recognition, Integrated UHF tags and readers
✓ CCTV and Perimeter Security System support




  • Access control
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Time & Attendance
  • Vector graphics maps
  • Animated event display
  • Automatic database maintenance
  • Integrated with major device manufacturers
  • Unlimited PC workstations
  • Mobile device support
  • E-mail and SMS support


  • Minimal training requirements for end-users.
  • CLOUD support
  • Easy integration for 3rd party products
  • User friendly interface

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