FlexSim Container Terminal Simulation
FlexSim Container Terminal Simulation

Moffat & Nichol aquired FlexSim CT in order to adequately and specifically support simulation for the container terminal industry. Consequently, FlexSim CT has been renamed to FlexTerm.

FLEXTERM is an easy-to-use PC-based simulation software built on Flexsim technology. It is designed for the simulation and analysis of container terminal operations. Using FlexTerm, modelers can build detailed container terminal simulations in a shorter time frame than ever before.

Proper analysis and visualization of these aspects of a container terminal can be invaluable for the terminal operators and decision-makers to make proper and informative decisions. It can be used in predicting the effects of planned changes on the existing terminal, or to help push through new projects and methodologies. It can also help in simply maximizing the capacity, productivity, and efficiency of an existing or a proposed new operation.

FlexTerm allows modelers the flexibility of creating models to any level of detail and scope. Whether your intent is to analyze just a small portion of your gate operation, or simulate the entire container terminal operation, FlexTerm has everything you need to complete a successful simulation analysis.