Unlock every opportunity with Eyeprint ID™ – created by EyeVerify Inc. One look opens mobile devices, logs you into apps and secures your mobile payments.Eyeprint ID transforms an ordinary selfie into a key that protects your digital life. This patented, software-only biometric solution is 99.99% accurate and extremely scalable. In less than one second, with no add-on hardware, employees and customers will experience password-free mobility and convenient, secure, private authentication.

An Eyeprint can never be lost, stolen or intercepted because it’s scrambled and encrypted locally – it never leaves your device. Eyeprint ID uses any existing 1+ MP smart device camera to image and pattern match the unique blood vessels in the whites of the eye and other eye-based micro features. It’s more accurate than face or voice biometrics while being less expensive and more convenient than iris and fingerprint sensors. Eyeprint ID is the only biometric that protects your data with a high entropy encryption key – equivalent to a 50-character complex password.