EyeLock is an advanced iris authentication and recognition solutions company focused on developing next-generation systems for global access control and identity management.

EyeLock researchers and scientists are working in labs and in the field to create technology to improve every facet of identity based product and technology, from access control, border solutions and transportation to advanced banking and payments applications. EyeLock, LLC is at the forefront of providing the most secure and cost effective ways in which to reduce identity theft and fraud.

Innovation doesn’t stop with todays’ technology. The future possibilities are endless and our world class researchers are working on a wide range of projects – from technology that can identify people in motion at distances greater than 50 feet – creating endless possibilities for Identification in Anonymity®, to embedding our industry leading technology in a form factor smaller than a USB drive, to incorporating the most advanced privacy components and delivering security with all the privacy preferences required to satisfy today’s digitally driven consumers.

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