R&S®QPS Quick Personnel Security Scanners

The R&S®QPS200 is designed for high throughput requirements, either as a replacement for metal detectors ( primary scan) or as a secondary scan in conjunction with a metal detector.
A passenger is scanned in just 32 ms, in one easy-to-hold position between the panels.
The open architecture allows a clear view of arriving  passengers, an open escape route and easy passage for wheelchairs.

Peak mode

Both the R&S®QPS100 and the R&S®QPS200 can operate in peak mode. For this purpose, up to four remote resolution stations are connected to the device. The scanner operator simply performs the scan and then sends the passenger to one of the free remote resolution stations. Here, the scan result is displayed and cleared by another operator.

Technical specifications

❙ Frequency range: 70 GHz to 80 GHz

❙ Multistatic operation with thousands of transmitters and receivers per panel

❙ Transmit power: approx. 1 mW

❙ Data acquisition time: approx. 16 ms/32 ms

❙ Fully electronic, no moving parts


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