Strong Adaptive Authentication



SAA Authentication Client is a middleware client that manages wide variety of smart cards, smart card readers and biometric terminals. Offering full backward compatibility and incorporating features from previous middleware versions, SAA Authentication Client ensures complete support for most well-known devices, as well as smart cards.


  • Large scale 1:N matching capability as well as 1:1 matching supporting liveness detection
  • Advanced authentication rules, Emergency Login Method
  • Secure login to the PC using strong user authentication
  • Enterprise class password management and single sign-on for websites and applications to implement a completely “password free” environment in an organization.
  • Supports Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Enables centralized and decentralized enrollment/management and usage of readers and terminals.
  • Encrypted file sharing in the enterprise. Secure E-mail, VPN and certificate Access.
  • Support for Common Criteria and FIPs certified multi-device and multi-factor authentication including Biometrics, Smart Cards, Hardware Tokens, RFID and Barcode etc.
  • Mobile device support

All in one with Liveness Detection

Multiple Layers of Security

Strong Adaptive Authentication acts like layers in a bulletproof vest, monitoring multiple factors to confidently determine the legitimacy of every login, against attacks in-process, and keeps your device and data safe.


Device Recognition; Ensures the device being used is known and trustable

Threat Service; Analyzes IP addresses of incoming access requests for known bad IPs and malicious behavior

ID Store; Compares identity profiles against fake profiles

Geo-Location; Compares a user’s login location against known locations for employees and all users

Geo-Velocity; Keeps an eye out for access requests spanning different locations that aren’t physically possible

Liveness Detection; Supporting various biometric modalities with liveness detection like finger print, finger vein and iris.

Event logging; Allowing for authentication, encryption and most other user operations to be logged into the LDAP (Active Directory  and Open LDAP) server. Integrated License Management to simplify the procedure of auditing and tracking

Multi-language Support

Supports Windows 8&10, Server 2012 & up

Multi-Factor Authentication

With smart cards, tokens and biometric templates K!M SAA adapts to your preferences and provides maximum choice. Multi-Factor Authentication deploys right into your infrastructure, tying to your enterprise directories, web servers, VPNs, even your homegrown applications. Unlike many other vendors, our platform is flexible enough to create an infinite number of different authentication workflows for different users, groups, devices or applications — because not all identities are the same. + the unique biometric authentication factor adds ‘’the ultimate security’’ to your platforms.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

K!M SAA enables secure access into all applications and resources with one set of credentials; regardless of cloud, mobile, web or VPN resources. Any device is enabled with any identity type to authenticate to any identity management system using any VPN to access any application. K!M SAA supports strong adaptive authentication besides SSO to ensure maximum protection without compromising the user experience



User Interface

Simple and fast installation and control via ergonomic and easy interface.

Supported Hardware

Finger print, finger vein, iris readers and WEB CAM support.


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