K!M FalconEYE 3D
K!M FalconEYE 3D

FalconEYE 3D 

Intrusion Detection Platform

Most high-risk access control entry points do not have full security although they may have integrated secure smart and/or biometric equipment. Susceptible areas are classified as an uncontrolled entrance by means a card holder can gain access via a door, enabling others to potentially enter without authorisation.

The FalconEYE 3D platform has been developed to eliminate this type of security breaches and prevents tailgating and piggybacking. The platform also provides secured access from an open area in addition to head counting.


  • Additional extra security layer to the AC System
  • Detects people and objects
  • Usage of 3D & Time of Flight
  • 3D modeling of the scene and objects
  • WEB based user interface, ergonomic design
  • Integrated IP camera support; showing video or still frame of the card holder and the additional non-accredited person/s

  • Anti tailgating
  • Anti piggy back
  • Unauthorised entry/ exit
  • Head counting
  • Alarm generation
  • Integrated maps and layouts
  • Event monitoring
  • Mobil device support


  • Easy to integrate to 3rd party AC systems via SDK and API
  • Additional security layer for mission critical infrastructures


Technology: 3D-LiDAR (ToF) Motion Sensor Platform

The Hitachi 3D-LiDAR (ToF) Motion Sensor Platform calculates movement and provides data in real time using infrared beam technology. The measurement is based on the time light to travel to the object and back to the sensor, or the “time of flight” (ToF). 

Various edge analytics libraries are available for evaluation and customization.

Second person out of the alert zone

Tailgating: Second person in the alert zone

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