Agility, flexibility, proactive listening and innovation in the service of our clients

Ticket-control, remote meter-reading, issuing electronic citations on public highways, authenticating personal identities by comparing fingerprints with biometric passports, and supporting food safety by tracking livestock-rearing are all very different undertakings.

However, each of these activities is carried-out by operators in the field using remote communications technology. At Coppernic our mission is to design, test, manufacture, deploy and maintain bespoke appliances as a dedicated response to particular demands such as these – both now and in the future.

To meet this challenge

our top-end design-engineers and technicians apply their skills and creativity daily to integrate the most up-to-date, high-performance wireless and data capture technologies into portable terminals and tablets without compromising ergonomic standards or desirability.

Amongst Coppernic’s administrative, sales and technical teams’ many qualities are three which stand out:

Agility / Flexibility / Proactive Listening

These enable us to anticipate our clients’ needs and to offer practical and innovative solutions to optimize the efficiency and productivity of their mobile workers.

And if we had to sum up Coppernic with a single word it would be, without doubt, ‘Innovation’ which would come immediately to mind.

Given that our products are and must be at once, functional, robust and good-looking, we apply ourselves daily to innovating throughout all aspects of our business … technology, industrial design, graphic design and packaging, and so on … without losing sight of the fact that we do this for our clients.

Coppernic … also very proud of our ‘French touch’!

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