C-One e-ID
C-One e-ID

Coppernic C-One e-ID Smart Biometric PDA, your partner on the field;

A mobile terminal designed specifically for Police&Military use. 

Compact and robust, the C-One e-ID facilitates real-time, incontestable proof of an individual’s identity thanks to its biometric signature. It integrates the most innovative technologies for fingerprint capture and facial recognition and is, furthermore, equipped with all the necessary data-capture functions essential for reading all secure identity documents issued by governments throughout the world. It can verify the identity of any individual by comparing his or her fingerprint with that encrypted in his or her proof of identity, or by sending the biometric data directly to a centralized AFIS.

Technical Specifications

  • With- and without-contact card-readers dedicated to IDentification
  • 8MP still/video camera with autofocus and flash
  • 2D imager allowing high-density bar-code recognition
  • 3 Three OCR/MRZ reading options (camera/imager/swipe)
  • Integrated GPS and secure communications :
    • 4G LTE / 3G / UMTS
    • WiFi
    • Bluetooth 4.0


The L.E.S. FAP30 Fingerprint Sensor integrated in the C-One e-ID uses L.E.S. – the most advanced technology available: Light Emitting Sensor.

It’s large capture surface allows it to acquire an as yet unequalled quality of image and to be able to recognize a single fingerprint amongst tens of millions of others. The L.E.S. sensor has been given a PIV certification as assigned by the FBI.

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