Key to Security

Biometric transactions performed by using physical and behavioral characteristics of an individual bring security to the highest level without a need for any object.

With our software platform, we provide unique and integrated biometric solutions in areas that require high level of security. Besides its own biometric products, ÖLÇSAN has also close partnerships with the leading biometric companies.

  • Biometric Identification and Verification
  • Finger Print, Finger Vein, Face, Iris, EyePrint and Motion modalities are used for Biometric Readers / Terminals and Biometric Access Control Terminals
  • Biometric Access Control and Time & Attendance Platform (T&A)
  • Mobile Biometric Solutions (face, finger print, eye…) 
  • Biometric Payment systems
  • Pre and Post Processing of Criminal Events with video analytics (face, number plate, motion etc…)
  • AFIS Solutions
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