Our journey started in 1997 with Smart Card based ticketing systems and integrated into Smart City Solution based on  mass transit solutions.
Today all the information from IoT devices/sensors as well as the security sensors are managed and monitored on a new generation platform, thus enabling green, environmental and social projects without compromising security aspects.
Our City on CLOUD (CoC) platform is the outcome from the H2020 REMOURBAN Project started in 2015. The CoC manages renewable energy resources, intelligent building/home automation, electric cars and general lightning systems via IoT modules in the field.
Some of the supported functions of the City on Cloud platform;
  • Transportation and car parking management
  • Building energy efficiency
  • In and outdoor lighting system management
  • Electric bus, car and bicycle management
  • Renewable energy management
  • Central heating and cooling system
  • Access Control System
  • Integrated Plate Number Recognition, UHF reader and TAG’s
  • CCTV and Perimeter Security System support
  • Gun shot and drone detection system
  • Face and object detection and recognition
Smart and Safe City Platform
  • Alarm monitoring
  • IoT and Security integrated platform
  • Vector based graphical maps
  • Event monitoring
  • Different 3rd party IoT module and sensor support
  • End to end secure communication
  • Mobil device support
  • IoT and Security in one platform
  • Cloud support
  • Easy integration for 3rd party devices/application via WEB services                               


Electric vehicle tracking on the map

Building energy management

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