General Smart Lighting System Management
General Smart Lighting System Management

AGASY (General Smart Lighting System Management) was developed based on the Smart and Secure City requirements and manages the Smart Lighting systems in and outdoor environments via IoT modules.

Smart Lighting

  • Savings up to 85%
  • Maintenance savings up to 70%
  • Very low carbon emission
  • Less light pollution
  • Increasing the luminaire life time
Features of the AGASY platform

  • Plug & Play installation, Embedded intelligence, Direct communication between devices
  • Self-sufficient / stand-alone device; time and location, situation, what to do
  • Wireless connectivity, No server side data processing needed
  • Revolutionary simple self-configuring wireless mesh network – a single HW component
  • Automatic or semi-automatic network configuration, Direct device-to-device communication including application level
  • Parking, driver and passenger management system.
  • Mass transit, waste management and car sharing management
  • Support for any IoT sensors regarding the City environment system like the air pollution, noise, humidity, temperature, density as well as the security sensors like CCTV, shot gun detection, number plate recognition etc…
General Smart Lighting System Management
  • Savings up to 85% and Maintenance savings up to 70%
  • Very low carbon emission and Less light pollution
  • Longer luminaire life time
  • LoRa TYPE C, PLC –Power Line Communication and 869MHz radio link support.
  • Monitoring based on the vector map format
  • End to end security – 256 bit AES security
  • 0/10, 1/10 and DALI protocol support
  •  Mobil device support for easier on site management
  •  Integrated movement and light sensors
  • A common Smart Lighting and Security platform
  • Cloud support
  • Easy integration for 3rd party devices/application via WEB services
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